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You've tried out the Get Started Kit and League of Yogic Storytellers Forums and are hungering for more. Continue your training and become a Storytime Yoga Teacher! Training is self-paced from your own location, yet designed to be integrated into your life, practice and work over a 3-9-month period with the addition of six, customized Skype coaching and mentoring sessions with Sydney designed to nurture you in discovering and refining your talents as a yoga-teaching storyteller. Includes online Teacher and Yoga Play Therapy TrainiGn forum.Register today.

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The rigorous, yet rewarding, Storytime™ Yoga Teacher Training trains you on the principles of Storytime™ Yoga and Mythic Yoga™. Become a powerful, enchanting storytelling yoga teacher to teach literacy, health and peace through the spoken word and the body. Learn to set up your own classes; use storytelling, props and yoga poses to keep children of all ages engaged; use story and yoga for working with ADHD and stress release; create your own story materials and practice seva by developing a community service project.

The Mythic Yoga component is a personal journey into one's own body and myth. Your personal transformation during the training process fulfillls the requirement to effectively teach others. Suitable for teens and adults.

A Storytime™ Yoga certification authorizes you to teach Storytime™ Yoga classes at yoga studios, schools, libraries, retreat centers and other locations. After training and meeting ongoing requirements you are licensed to conduct Storytime™ Yoga classes and performances anywhere in the world, for profit or charity. By joining the League of Yogic Storytellers you receive continual marketing and monthly live group calls and info with the Storytime Yoga online Magazin to support your career and provide continuing education to bring you fresh material and ideas for classes.

Storytime™ Yoga is a registered trademark with the U.S. Trademark office, and only certified individuals may use the trademark name in their own businesses or professional work. A certified Storytime™ Yoga designation allows you to call your class a “Storytime Yoga” class.


Set yourself apart from the countless yoga instructors out there! Designate yourself as a Storytime™ Yoga instructor, and you will automatically stand above the competition as a powerful storytelling yoga teacher.

Why pursue a Storytime™ Yoga teacher training? The benefits are numerous:

These are just a few reasons why you should pursue the program. Remember – Storytime™ Yoga is an internationally recognized brand with books, DVDs, and music published through leading booksellers (including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Baker & Taylor). A Storytime™ Yoga training is a powerful enhancer to your credibility as a storyteller and/or yoga instructor.

Not only will you help your business grow, you’ll be helping children, teens, and adults get life-enhancing benefits of yoga, plus the soul-enriching wisdom of fairytales and stories.

You’ll be empowered to put on captivating performances for audiences of all ages.

Teachers who consistently nurture themselves and their yoga businesses can earn more money while truly making a difference in people’s lives. The Storytime Yoga™ program is an effective vehicle for accomplishing both of these goals.

Read more about the benefits of Storytime Yoga™.

See certification requirements below.

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What Can I Do with a Storytime™ Yoga Teacher Training?

As a certified Storytime Yoga™ instructor, you can teach yoga classes to children and families in schools, preschools, after-school programs, camps, libraries, in private therapy practice, as an artist-in-residence and at yoga studios and festivals. Additionally, you can teach storytelling classes to children, perform and teach in schools and festivals and as an artist-in-residence. You also have the right to display the Storytime Yoga™ logo on your website. You may call your classes “Storytime Yoga™” classes.

You can model Sydney Solis’s prolific career by building your own business, attracting your own clients, and publishing your own books and media. Use Sydney’s experience as a guide for enhancing your own professional development. Become a leader in your community with your comunity service project in the name of children and family wellness.

With a basic Storytime Yoga™ certification, you can host:

In addition to the above, a Master’s level Storytime Yoga™ trainer certification is available when you complete the live Stortyime Yoga Weekend with Sydney in beautiful St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. After the Master’s level program you are invited to enroll in the “train the trainers.” It’s our most comprehensive and rewarding certification program yet. Storytime Yoga Trainer program is now available to LOYS members and authorizes them to put on


Certification Requirements

The Storytime Yoga Certification program is open for enrollment on a continual basis. All materials are completed on your own time. Register today in the store!

Basic Certification Requirements

To become certified in Storytime Yoga™, you must meet all of the following requirements.

• Purchase Storytime™ Yoga Get Started Kit. Includes –Segment I – Awakening the Storyteller
Segment II – Stories from the Heart
At-Home Guide and forum, Children's Yoga Business Practices, Yoga Story Rehearsal and Workshop, Dreamwork and all other forums

Purchase Storytime Yoga Online Coaching and Mentoring Package. Includes online Teacher and Yoga Play Therapy Training

• Purchase Mythic Yoga™ Training. Includes Body Memoisr forum.

• Submit summaries of all three trainings

• Create a community service project

• Submit a video of you teaching a class.

• Annual subscription and membership to Storytime Yoga League of Yogic Storytellers Required for continuing education requirements.

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