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In the Storytime Yoga Online Magazine, Sydney publishes her favorite stories and tips from her kids yoga classes; articles on food, kids ayurveda and sustainable family living; book and product reviews; interesting articles and more. Subscribe today!

Featured columns and forums by Certified Storytime Yoga Teachers include:

• Storytime Yoga for the Family - tips on teaching your kids at home. Hosted by Certified Storytime Yoga Teacher Nadine Jolly

• Storytime Yoga in the Library - for librarians. Hosted by Librarian Kathe Hudson.

• Storytime Yoga for Preschool - for parents and teachers. Hosted by Samantha King.

• Storytime Yoga Healing with Yoga and Story - for therapists and yoga therapists. Hosted by Master's in Psychology Counceling Candidate Hariyah dan-Fodo.

• Storytime Yoga and Art- blending art with kids yoga. Hosted by Samantha Britt Savage.

• Storytime Yoga and Music -Learn to bring music to your kids yoga classes. Hosted by Sakshi.

More forums coming soon!

Awakening The Storyteller, Stories from the Heart, Children's Yoga Business Practice, Mythic Yoga, Body Memoirs and Dreamwork - With Sydney Solis (Available to Storytime Yoga Teacher Trainees only and Mythic Yoga subscribers only)


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