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"You have inspired us all! Production and parents and kids alike have raved about your integrity, groundeness and ease. We are so blessed to have had you work here at Kripalu, and hope that you will be joining us again next summer. Thank you for all of your positive spirit, vitality and passion!"

- Rachelle Anthes, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Massachusetts

From the materials I've purchased and read, it's evident that Sydney Solis is a truly remarkable soul, mother and woman, who is using her life's trauma, talents and work to beautify our world by enriching the lives of children and mothers.

- Jenna Ross, The Netherlands

"Sometimes I fear that this age of automation and electronic wizardry will smother the art of personal storytelling, but artists such as you will help it through a perilous time and the basic art will always be a vital force for civilization. Stories reach people and will always be there."

- Joanne  Higgins Sandrock, Straumburg, Illinois

Many of your words have been like seeds that were cultivated in the land of my soul (that) I promise to nurture and care for.

- Aisha Rafea, Egypt

I have a dozen books on children's yoga, but yours is the only one through which I have felt a strong healing energy communicated.

- Michele Nurnberger, London, U.K.

"My daughter and I love The Peddler's Dream DVD. It is far and away the funnest yoga DVD for kids available."

- Sharon Beaudoin, RYT, Seattle, WA

The Peddler's Dream is my favorite DVD so far. There are so many dvds on the market but none pulled me as much as yours. Very nice work, congratulations, and many more Storytime DVDs to come hopefully.

- Aylin Tokcan, Turkey

My daughter loves this video. She is 5 this year. She just had shoulder surgery a month ago. Her left side is off balance. With this video I see improvements in one night. Thanks for the video.

- Maldonacho - Via Internet

Your courses taught me so much about myself and
about the truth and pureness of the human spirit, and for that I am truly grateful!

- Katherine Ell, Quincy, Mass.

I invited Sydney to provide a workshop/presentation to our day treatment clients at the Community Mental Health where I work in Kissimmee, Florida. She did a great job in her session to our clients. With a combination of yoga exercises and story telling she was able to teach the clients breathing and relaxation techniques. In addition, through the exercises they were able to practice mindfulness and to be more in touch with their inner selves (their fear and their anxieties). This was a great empowering experience for these clients. To my surprise I saw how some of the clients that previous were unable to concentrate and stay seated for a 45-minute group session where able with these yoga and breathing exercises to maintain their attention and stood focus listening to her stories and practicing the skills.

I have to say that just in one session the benefits were surprising. Increase attention and concentration, decrease tension and stress, improve their insight by becoming more aware of their bodies and their fears/anxieties.

- Suzanne Parlade, Psy.D. Orlando, Florida

On behalf of all the children and families who attended "Storytime Yoga" in our communities, I would like to thank you for providing such a wonderful, positive, and engaging experience! We are still receiving terrific feedback from your presentations and we are delighted that you were able to come to our libraries to share your stories and yoga skills. Programs such as yours bring children and families into the library and, hopefully, motivate them to read, explore AND have some fun! We deeply appreciate your willingness to help us in our efforts to make the library a gathering place for enjoyment and pleasure. Many, many thanks from all of us! Warmest regards, 

- Lynn Kelly, Youth Services Librarian and Summer Reading Program Coordinator Flathead County Library, Montana

When I first started doing the Storytime Yoga™ e-courses, I didn't know what to expect. I have taught children for five years now and during that time I have obviously learnt a lot about different techniques. But because I have taught for so long, my classes had begun to get a little routine and I needed something to entertain both myself and the children. That is why I found myself enrolling on the Storytime e-courses, and I am SO glad I did! Since I began taking the Storytime Yoga™ courses, I can absolutely say that I have turned my classes around. The courses have opened my eyes to different types of children's yoga classes, and have also inspired me to make up games and techniques of my own. The biggest thing I have learnt is that children's yoga doesn't have to be all about yoga - it is about fun, and inspiration and generally making the kids feel fantastic! So what if the children are loud sometimes - it's all part of the learning process. Storytime Yoga™ has opened my mind and now I incorporate not only stories into my classes, but music, games, puppets and much more. Before I started the e-course, I ran a mums and tots class which had approximately 5 or 6 children a week. I decided to completely re-vamp it based on what I have learnt with Storytime and the other day I had 15 children - and all the mums joined in as well!

I'd recommend Storytime Yoga™ to everyone who is interested in not only learning more about yoga, but learning more about the journey we go through as human beings too. The introspective aspect of working on yourself through this course is not easy, but is absolutely worthwhile. To describe it in three words, I'd have to say: I loved it!

- Michelle Morgan - London, U.K.

"Namaste, I am heartily thankful to you for this amazing programme and journey. It's not just any other course 
but a life-changing and evolving experience. 

- Hetal Mody, Mumbai, India


Thank you for giving Ruby the gift of Storytime Yoga at Kripalu last week. Words cannot describe how joyful my heart was, knowing she was surrounded by such a stimulating and rich environment with you at the helm! You are an inspiration, and we are blessed that you touch our lives.

- Ramah Hacket

Sydney's workshop was unlike any other children's yoga training I have received. Her enchanting stories, brought to life through yoga, meditation and creative visualization, allow the participants to fully experience the sacred wisdom that is at the heart of yoga and myth. I am so inspired by her work and am eager for anything that this creative and generous spirit can share with all of us! Keep up the amazing work, Sydney! You are a gift!

- Margot Dengel, Syracuse, NY

Finding Storytime Yoga™ was love at first sight for me. One of my professional goals this year was to find ways to bring more physical experiences into my lesson. The minute I started experimenting with the Storytime Yoga™ techniques in my classroom and in my after school groups I felt it. My students lit up, I lit up. I walked out at the end of the day more inspired and more content. My students talked more, shared more, and generally felt more. This was a starting point I thought. My Grade 1 students especially love the techniques. They are even making requests now.

- Megan Chadwick, Bohn, Germany

Thank you so much for your presense and beautiful spirit. i got sooo much out of the weekend workshop and feel like I am bursting with ideas to teach the kids yoga with. I find myself scribbling down ideas that seem like they are coming from so many different directions these days, whether it is stories i am reading, songs i hear etc. - Tracey Windmill, Colorado
Thanks Sydney! I taught my first Storytime Yoga™ class at my son's school last week. They loved it! The story part especially.

- Heather Marshall, Louisville, Colorado

My son's teacher mentioned ... that she noticed a marked improvement in his concentration and his ability to listen and follow directions in class. I know he can be quite rowdy and mischievous in school -- which is one of the reasons why I wanted to share my yoga practice with him -- and I completely attribute his "improvement" to the excersizes in Storytime Yoga™ we've been doing together, in particular the breathing, meditation and relaxation warm ups -- so thank you, Sydney!

- Jan Dizon, The Philippines.

I think Storytime Yoga™ is a perfect match for blending mind, body and spirit together for young people and it is a great match in using my prior experiences and interests in yoga, teaching, and spiritual development with kids.

- Kelly Church, Manitou Springs, Colorado

Your workshop on Sat. in Philadelphia was a really enriching four hours on more levels than I could talk about in this email. but suffice it so say that I got more than I "bargained" for from the workshop! I really appreciated how you introduced us - or, rather, we introduced each other - requiring active listening with our partners, something I find challenging but am always trying to refine as a skill. I entered the workshop feeling unsure of my abililty to convey to young children the joy of yoga but left feeling quite capable and inspired. So, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and love of the work with us.

- Cynthia Mack, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

Hi Sydney, I loved your class so much. I used two of the stories you told with my own group of kids: the kitty cat on Mohammad’s coat tail and the cracked pot. I followed your example of asking the kids to pair up and discuss the meaning, and they came up with excellent answers. Thank you. I really look forward to incorporating more storytelling into my teaching. Take Care,

- Angie Roberts, Colorado

Thank you SO much for these courses, they are wonderful gifts! I am beginning to feel as though this has been a key element missing from my life that is guiding me in ways I had not even dreamed possible! I can’t thank you enough for all of your wonderful inspiration.

- Lisa Calice, Rochester Hills, Michigan

“I love the course… In so many ways I feel like this course and the assignments have been cheap and fun therapy.”

- Kimberly Kirk, Ipswich, Massachusetts

“What I am most grateful for, Sydney, is for you inspiring the magical in me.”


“I find Storytime Yoga™ extremely therapeutic for me as well as fun and would like to become part of the LOYS in the next year.”


“Thank you for facilitating these wonderful, magical courses. They have helped me and my teaching practice in ways that are often hard to describe. I am very grateful.”


“I would like to thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge with me. I learned a great deal from the online course, not only through the materials and the book, but from all of the emails from you and the group as well. It was nice hearing from other people who were taking the course as well. It was really a wonderful experience and I look forward to taking another class with you.”


“Looking more closely at dreams, helped me connect to The Peddler’s Dream on a deeper level. This same connection through dreams, my own story, my life, my teaching, began to become clearer. There was a message for me in my dreams, I only had to listen.”


"My son and I have a new ritual before I walk him to his class, we get to school early and read 2 - 3 stories from your books. Then we talk about the character's and their adventures. I see the way he connects and is starting to appreciate the different qualities they have."


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